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We are aware

Not everyone is actively involved in every business, organization or government concern; it is the reason to gain/ask for monetary and N-Kind support.
Luckily, we have things in common … such as nourishing our personal interest to get involved to do something to ameliorate our world.

Supporting Street Meet Company allows us to build and improve community programs and activities.
Housing –
Beautification projects; such as new construction, remodeling, repair and maintenance and gardens

Community Development –
Architectural / innovative design vie individual and organized art, artist, farmers
Street Meet Company vision to support local and international activities for:

Kwanzaa –
Forming with conversation and participation; our efforts are to support local flairs for the celebration; diligently strengthening the principles of Nguzo Saba and Kwanzaa Celebration in its founding home - Los Angeles, California.

July 4th –
It is our Collective Work and Responsibility to account trailblazers and pave setters who are protecting thoroughfare of freedom, liberties, civil and constitutional rights.To acknowledge our unsung heroes … celebrating sovereignty … with song and hymn … parading band with march and drill.
For it is a civil reminder, ringing southern bell of liberty in Atlanta, Georgia.

Your donation is an invaluable approach that allows us to make it happen.

Thanks for supporting
Street Meet Company.
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