Word Work Witness


Mission Statement

Street Meet Company is nonprofit art, humanities, culture organization.

Street Meet Company goals are to implement activities that engage community, social and economic development. Cooperative Economics to small businesses, entrepreneurs and sole proprietors that can benefit from a collaborative effort of engagement; the creation of programs and employment.

Street Meet Company overall interaction is with local, state and federal government, organizations and businesses to participate with the Collective Work and Responsibility of caring for our society and environment.

Street Meet Company’s national and international acronyms/ theme/ mottoes / initiatives are value structures for housing, community and economic development.

LaDette ~ Business Building and Development (BB&D)
CHiC ~ Constitution, Human, Independence, Civil
WWW ~ Word Work Witness
Sae ~ See Say Sea

Kite ~ Knowledge Intelligence Trade/Talent Education

Street Meet Company’s principle structure of Nguzo Saba

Self Determination
Collective Work and Responsibility
Cooperative Economics

Street Meet Company inclusion and diversity for security, democracy/diplomacy, prosperity, arts and economics all things relative to freedom, liberty, justice and rights/lefts/up/down. In which, such inclusion and diversity of the laws, rules, acts, ordinances and other subject materials written or oral; given, an inheritable right of life, liberty and sustainable happiness.