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Consultation Services and Management for Startups and Established businesses.

LaDette Enterprises provides a variety of sustained leadership training programs and seminars to help develop leadership skills in those looking to become key players in the community. 

Global companies and world-class employers look for creative and inspiring people. Our efforts is to work with you to help cultivate your inner innovative leader

Within the organization and your commitment we can approach your innovative talent and concept to join the workforce to economic empowerment. 

Using a proven but flexible development formula, our leadership focus on the key ingredient ... communication. The use of various out/inlets such as lectures, meet ups and integrated assignments. 

Leaders of Tomorrow

Programs & Initiatives 

BB&D- Business Building & Development

FAACC-Family Agri Arts Community Culture 

CHiC-Constitution Human Independence Civil 

Business Building & Development (BB&D)

LaDette aim is to collaborate with various talents to work on project developments for community and economic development. The questionnaire establishes the platform where it provides analysis and asses individual aspirations.  

Setting Standards 


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