Family Agri Arts Community Culture (FAACC)

1. What is your value system?

2. What is culture?

3. How do you retell stories?

4. Who are your leaders; who do you admire?

5. Have you created a family tree?

6. What can we do to improve elements of the Earth?

7. What are elements? How many?

8. What culture activities do you support or want to create?

9. Do you support your local farmers; what do they produce?

10. What can we do to improve our local culture (arts & crafts, food, clothing, etc)

11. Do you have hobbies, what do you do like to do?

12. What languages do you speak? Write?

13. What kinds of music instruments do you like? What kinds of music do you like?

14. Event planning?

15. Do you support youth activities? What activities do you think youth will support and participate?

16. Are you a multicultural person?

17. Do you know any local artist? What do they do? (Sculpture, paint, draw, arts & crafts, architectural design)

18. What are your community interests?

19. Fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree ~ what does it mean to you?

20. Art Industry; what types of art interest you? (Victorian, African, Asian, Mosaic, etc)

21. What can we do to have identifiable art and crafts for a town, country, region, and world?

22. Do you understand astrology/astronomy? Mediation? Yoga/Pilates?

23. What kinds of pyramids do we have? Religions?

24. What are seven principles?

25. What is history and what subject interest you?

26. Can you travel?

Constitution Human Independence Civil (CHiC)

1. Are you familiar with Reentry program (USA)?

2. Customs?

3. Do you have a constitution book?

4. Who is your local or/and area representative? district? country?

5. What policies interest you?

6. Do you understand commonwealth, international policies?

7. Foreign policies?

8. What is CARICOM/AFRICOM? What is your support for CARICOM/AFRICOM?

9. How many continents do we have and what continent do we live?

10. Where can we locate local, district, country laws, rules and ordinances?

11. What are suggestions to improve our town?

12. Support for police, Defense?

13. Do you think we need laws, rights, acts?

14. Immigration laws?

15. Migrant farmers?

16. What are our relations with our neighboring countries (treaties)?

17. How can we improve our judicial system?

18. Are you familiar with CHiC? Constitution, Human, Independence, Civil 

19. When did the country get independence?

20. What organizations do you support?

21. Are you familiar with FOP, Veteran Lodges, Unions (political, trade, labor)?

22. What type of Law are you most familiar? 

23. What is Legal Research?  

Business Building & Development (BB&D)

1. How would you eradicate homelessness? Hunger? Poverty?

2. Where can we readily locate job placement or for hire boards?

3. Do you know where to get funding support?

4. Do you have business ideas?

5. Explain community & economic development?

6. What is Angel Investor?

7. Do you support your local economy?

8. Who are potential donors?

9. Do you how to do a business plan?

10. What is Chamber of Commerce?

11. Please provide five (5) businesses in your area?

12. Job creations; what kind of jobs?

13. How can we improve the livelihood for disabled, seniors, and youth?

14. Can you travel internationally?

15. What periodicals, magazines, pamphlets, books, do you read? How often?

16. How well do you write?

17. Are you interested in Journalism?

18. What kinds of projects interest you?

19. How well do you work with others?

20. What do you know about business structure?

21. What is Entrepreneurship? Corporateship?

22. What is your K.I.T.E (Knowledge, Intelligence, Trades/Talents, Education)

23. What is your favorite subject?


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Revised November 20, 2017