Business Building & Development (BB&D) will develop Kite Liaisons to establish hands on business skills,  that focuses on entrepreneurial readiness and workforce development. The opportunity to establish sustainable employment will create individual development per project. 

:> Business and Market Development
:> Franchising 
:> Strategic Planning
:> Product Marketing
:> Corporate Marketing
:> Finance 
:> Manufacturing
:> Operations
:> Field sales 
:> People Operations
:> Develop sustainable groups/teams
:> K.I.T.E (Knowledge, Intelligence, Trade/Talents, and Education)  

Consultative Services


Business Building & Development  

Word Work Witness

Our Mission

Instilling civic responsibility and solid leadership skills, we aim to transform the working environment, allowing those in positions of power and decision making roles to think broadly and act in the best interest of everyone.

Our Vision
To have exceptional leadership, there must be vision. We look to help build communities filled with leaders that champion honesty and articulate visionary ideas and concepts that will create a well-rounded community.

Bridging discussions to build character 

~~ Analytical Thinking

~~ Seven Principle Leadership
~~ Team Development 

~~ Supervisory Leadership

~~ Collaborative Management 

Our entrepreneurial ideas are forthcoming, we welcome the capabilities of innovating, introducing new technologies, increasing efficiency and productivity, and generating new products and services, are characteristic qualities of Ladette.

We perform strategic planning with groups of entrepreneurs and mentors to produce extraordinary leadership.
We discover opportunities to utilize and maximize resources to improve goods and services.
We work to be creative, innovative in industries that focus on community and economic project development.


Business Structure

Food Analyzer/Taster


Research & Development


Automation Services  

Real Estate

Property Management