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Call Center and Publishing Service (Social Media and more)
*Our History is important to us.

*Fact, people may compose more on a Social Media platform than organize photo album.

*Our (individual, organizations, businesses, government) history is important, and therefore such services should be readily available.

*Whether, we are requesting a print of our profiles, messages, post, pictures, invites and friends we should have access to it.

*Books, Albums, Data Spreadsheet day, week, month, trimonthly, semi-yearly or yearly our history matters.

<>Please Do Not Delete Our Story<>

*We support social media to have a retention before deleting our records from the World Wide Web.

*Did you know some social medias do not have a customer service call center option?

*A 24-hour call center will be able to employ hundreds of people.

*It can provide forms of security for distress calls.

What we witness with Dreasjon “Sean” Reed is sadly an outcry of injustice. 

Vermont Manchester

Prior to Los Angeles Riots, the area served and supported small businesses (Swap Meet). Over the years, the area was left with a few businesses before they closed, and conversations stirred about a school, housing, and additional small business development.

The issue
We support small businesses, but not at the cost of poverty.

Most small businesses have an operating staff of ten (10) or less persons.

We need a corporation that can groom the community by supplying training and jobs for a diverse class of culture. A corporation that can employ more than three hundred (300) people.  

Vermont Manchester 

Community Development Project 

We support Small Businesses, but ... not at the cost of Poverty

Sweet Tomatoes (Soup Plantation)
*Healthy eating choices have been a huge conversation in our community from teaching people to grow private yard gardens to Urban Community Gardens.

*People have tried their green thumbs at yard gardens, and our neighborhood garden have its ups and downs … it is a seed in our community that supports victuals (fruit and vegetables).

*We have hamburger, chicken, tortilla, and other restaurants, but not one that exclusively serves salads, soups, and fruits.

*The community benefits having healthy choices of fruit and vegetables beyond the supermarket. 

*There are opportunities for people to advance with Walmart nationally and internationally.

*Supports small business products and services

*Walmart works with and understands low income and chronic unemployment concerns. Walmart